Our Services - Team Building & Wellness Retreats In Georgia

Here are additional details about the topics we present and facilitate, during a three hour team building or mini wellness retreat experience.

Progress Team Building offers three packages to choose from.

  1. Relax Package: Benefits Of Essential Oils, Restorative Yoga and a choice of the Healing Power of Crystals or Reduce Stress At Your Desk
  2. Wellness Package: Nutrition for Performance, Natural Beauty & Grooming, Vision Board
  3. Ad Hoc Package: Build your own package, choosing three topics from the list below

Read below for team building topic details.

Reduce Stress At Your Desk

Let’s face it. Our jobs can be stressful. Participants will learn how to reduce his or her "day to day” stress by leveraging:

  • The power of stillness and taking a pause
  • Seated and standing stretches
  • Breathing techniques

The facilitator will discuss the techniques and participants will practice the techniques.

The Nutrition - Wellness Connection

A certified nutritionist will share tips and techniques for leveraging clean eating and good nutrition to maximize wellness and reach peak performance.

This will be followed by a “just for fun” contest where participants compete to taste and name specific foods. We can refine the type of food if any participants have food allergies.

The Vision Board

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of goals and dreams. It is designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to help the creator to attain his or her goals. It focuses the creator on the future.

The theme of the vision board can be personal, professional or both.

Participants will be given materials and will create a vision board. They will then present the themes of their board to the larger group.

Natural Beauty & Grooming

Most people understand the direct link between what we eat and how it impacts our body and health.

What is discussed much less often is that our skin is actually our biggest organ. Everything we put on the outside of the body is consumed into our bodies and our blood stream.

There are other considerations too. Is the product cruelty free? Does the product use eco-friendly packaging? Does the product hurt our environment?

A specialist in natural beauty and grooming products will discuss this with the team. Participants will also have a chance to sample products.


Restorative Yoga Class

A certified yoga instructor will lead the team in a 45 minute restorative yoga class.

Restorative yoga is very gentle and slow paced, and is practiced seated with blankets and bolsters.

It is appropriate for all levels. No yoga experience is required.

This class cultivates comfort and ease. It allows the nervous system to reset.

Benefits of Essential Oils

An essential oils and aromatherapy expert will provide an introduction to the most popular essential oils and how they can benefit body, mind and spirit.

Essential oils have been known to reduce stress, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system and to ease discomfort.

Participants will learn, smell and apply.


The Healing Power Of Crystals

Crystals have a powerful vibration. They are connected and formed from the earth and their energy can be harnessed and used in many different ways.  In this unique segment guests will learn...

  • The 7 different crystals associated with the 7 main chakras and how to use them in everyday life.
  • A brief history about crystals and how they hold vibrations.
  • Different ways to cleanse and clear crystals.
  • How to intuitively pick and connect with a crystal.
  • What it means to program a crystal to an intentional vibration.



We Design Around Your Needs

Progress Team Building will refine the activities of your experience based on the unique needs of your team. We also incorporate proven team building exercises that have been used globally by other leadership and HR experts.

New Teams

If your team members recently began working together, the activities will help them get to know each other better. They will provide an opportunity for team members to share information, in a casual, low risk environment. It is important to remember that when relationships are still forming in a group, trust may be low.

Existing Teams

If your team members have been working together for some time, the activities will promote team bonding. The goal will be to deepen team relationships and strengthen trust among team members. Participants will reveal more personal details to the group.

Strong relationships are important for any group to succeed and achieve goals for employees, customers and shareholders.


Next Steps...

For more information or to book your team building experience please email us at info@progressteambuilding.com or call (770) 213-4447.